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Spare food charity fridges are popping up all over malls!

Subhanallah, This is really an idea worth spreading! Charity fridges are starting to show up in many malls and public areas in Muslim countries in the Arabian gulf area, especially near the mosques and outside popular supermarket. Visitors would see the refrigerator as they come inside the supermarket, and they would be encouraged to buy extra food and put it inside the the special refrigerator so that poor people would later come and pick it up. Those who went to the mosque also cooked extra portions of their meals so they would put the spare meal for those who want to eat it.

To make sure hygiene standards are maintained, donors are required to put the date of cooking the food on the box, and to keep containers sealed. Trained volunteers check the refrigerator once a day to clean the inside as well as to check the food cleanliness.

The project slogan is the verse in the Quran "ولئن شكرتم لأزيدنكم And if you thank (Allah), I would increase you (in blessings)" (Surat Ibrahim 14:7). It reminds us that we must thank Allah with action by helping people, and not simply with words, and the reward is getting more bounties in this life. Research has shows that giving and helping others increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which contributes to a person's happiness and well being.

We want to take this idea out of a few Muslim countries and spread it all around the world to benefit as many poor and homeless people as possible. Therefore, please spread this idea and perhaps try to do something similar in your local community. Together, by the blessing of Allah, we can eliminate world poverty with action!

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