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Do you like Islamic History and Travelling?

If you like to plan your trip to Islamic Turkey, or if you want to enjoy reading the story of Ottoman hereos & relics, this book is for you!

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Lost Ottoman Treasures:

7 Glorious Ottoman Cities

After visiting 78 Ottoman Cities in 24 Countries, I decided to share my journey by highlighting 7 Glorious Ottoman Cities!

  • Learn the story of Abu Ayub Al-Ansari & the Sahabah's first attempt to conquer Istanbul.

  • How Ottoman Sultans ascended to power through the blessing of the scholars.

  • The top sights not be missed around the Ottoman Empire, all of which could be combined in a short one week trip!

  • How the famous traveller Ibn Battuta described those cities as he travelled in Turkey from 1331 to 1335.
  • And many more insha'Allah!...

7 Glorious Ottoman Cities Ebook Cover
Dr. Waleed Hakeem, founder of Ilm Path Academy. The Travelling Imam.

Author: Imam Dr. Waleed Hakeem

Known as "The Traveling Imam", Dr. Waleed Hakeem from Canada has journeyed to more than 100+ countries in all 6 continents around the globe spreading the peaceful message of Islam & Personal Development Training. He can draw the world map from memory! He shared a platform with the Malaysian prime minister & is the founder of Ilm Path Academy.

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"Reading the book was like listening to a dear friend telling me about his journey to the former Ottoman cities. I enjoyed the reading so much! No boring data, no complicated historical descriptions. Just a text full of interesting facts and tips. Well done mashallah!!!"

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Khadijah rafeeq

"The book made me feel like I was walking in the streets of the Ottoman empire. There are tons of beautiful photos, and the vivid descriptions by Sh. Waleed has made it hard to put it down. Brilliant! Can't wait for another book!"


mustafa salem

"Going to Turkey in 3 weeks inshallah, but didn't know what to see. This book not only tells you where to go, but the history behind the places makes it a fascinating read. I feel very motivated about visiting all places mentioned by imam Waleed!"

avatar - hijabi student 2.png

anisa ahmed

"I have been to Turkey many times before, but cannot believe how much I have missed. I wish I had this book with me before! Dr. Waleed should write a guide to every other country. Finally, we can see the world through Muslim eyes!"

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