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Jajce, the historic Ottoman town above waterfalls!

Subhanallah, have you ever seen a historic town that is fully above tall waterfalls? What is this majestic town and what is the brief story?

The medieval/Ottoman town of Jajce was the old capital of Bosnia 🇧🇦 until 1451 when the Ottomans arrived. When the last Bosnian Catholic King Tomasevic died in battle, the Hungarians came and resisted for 50 years until the Ottomans prevailed in 1501 under the leadership of Sultan Selim, grand son of Sultan Muhammed Al-Fatih! 🇹🇷

Under the Ottoman rule, Muslims and Christians lived peacefully inside the city walls in a nearly 50/50 ratio, a peace which lasted for almost 5 centuries until the Serbian forces🇷🇸 came and attacked the town, forcing more than 45,000+ civilians to evacuate the town, and destroying every single Ottoman mosque during the occupation! 🕌

It was until September 1995 when the combined Bosnian and the Croat forces were able to recapture the town, and people came back to their empty homes as looted by the Serbs. Today Alhamdulillah, Jajce is the centre of hydraulic electrical power in Bosnia due to the strong force of the waterfalls! 🌊

Being from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦 myself, where we have more than 100+ waterfalls around us within just 1 hour drive (including Niagara Falls) I could easily claim that Jajce is the most beautiful waterfall town I have ever visited! Seeing the fortress, city walls, and most importantly the mosques just above the waterfalls combined with a town frozen in time adds to this fairytale experience!

When you visit this town insha'Allah, if you have enough fitness, hike to the top to the Jajce fortress, the former seat of the Bosnian King, and enjoy beautiful architecture and dazzling views, and whether you see the waterfalls from above or under, your eyes will be rewarded generously! (Look at the drone shot and the windows)

Allah described Jannah always as "with rivers flowing under it جنات تجري من تحتها الأنهار". Perhaps Jajce is a preview of that scene! May Allah make us from the people of Jannah, and help our Bosnians brothers and sisters recover with our support to their tourism! 🤲

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