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Eid under the midnight sun!

Bismillah! So where am I spending Eid this year? :)

I'm boarding a flight now to the extreme North of Norway, inside the Arctic Circle, where the sun doesn't set from the end of May until July 14, where it sets at 00:34 for just a few minutes after "midnight"! :D Just look at the chart below to see sunrise/sunset times! 😅 The sun just goes into circle waves all day Subhanallah!

It is called Bodø, and we will follow Makkah time insha'Allah. I'm giving lectures there after "Isha" (with the sun fully out) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and will lead Jumu'ah insha'Allah.

The prophet peace be upon him said that "The final hour will not come until Islam reaches every CORNER of the earth". Do you believe him now?!! May Allah increase Eman in our hearts. I will update you during the trip insha'Allah! 😊 Take off now!

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