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Revert in the Arctics? Meet the youngest Mosque director I've ever met!

Masha'Allah, from the Arctic circle of North Norway, I want to introduce to you a local Norwegian Muslim, brother Orjan, who very kindly invited me and is hosting me for a Dawah trip here in Bodo.

By the blessing of Allah, he accepted Islam 12 years ago. Orjan grew up as an atheist, but when he went to university, he meet some Muslim students, and had discussions about religion and life. After they gave him a book "Introduction to Islam", he started to ask serious questions about life, and it didn't take him long to realize that the most logical choice is Islam!

Today, Orjan is the Director of one of the largest Islamic centres in the North of Norway, which includes many diverse ethnicities, and since he is a native Norwegian, he also happens to be the first person the media contacts to ask about Islam!

And Masha'Allah, did I mention that he is perhaps the youngest Masjid director I've ever seen in all my trips?! :) Yet he is extremely humble, may Allah make him an example to our youth!

Next time you give Dawah to a non-Muslim, never underestimate what they could bring to Islam. Treat people with respect regardless of their beliefs, because at the end of the day, we may end up with many more Orjans insha'Allah!

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