Another Extremist Anti-Islam Politician becomes Muslim! How did it happen?

Joram Van Klaveren with party leader Geert Wilders (left), and Arnoud Van Doorn (Right)

A Dutch politician who has said many times "Islam is a lie" and "the Quran is poison" has now embraced Islam into his life. What made him change his mind?

Joram Van Klaveren, who is sitting above with the party leader Geert Wilders of the Anti-Islamic Freedom Party, is yet another politician from the same party who announced the acceptance of Islam!

He was in the process of writing a book that demonizes the religion of Islam. While doing the research last October, he was quoted “During that writing, I came across more and more things that made my view on Islam falter,” an interview with a dutch radio channel revealed.

After his harsh statements against Islam, in a recent interview, he expressed his guilt over statements “I was simply wrong”, feeling that the party policy was to demonize Islam in any way or link it to any negative news! Back in 2014, he has quit the party after hearing founder Geert Wilders make racist insults against the Moroccan community, and he ended up forming his own party, which he disassembled after failing to win a single seat in the 2017 national elections!

Arnoud Van Doorn (part vice president) also accepts Islam with his son!

The remarkable thing about this conversion, is that Van Klaveren wasn't the first to accept Islam from the same party. In April 2014, Arnoud Van Doorn, the vice president of the party, has also converted to Islam, and a year later, his son became Muslim too, and both went to Hajj Alhamdulillah! How did Van Doorn find his way to Islam? He was also directing an anti-islam documentary movie called "Fitnah," and his research lead him to Islam by the grace of Allah, and after meeting with members of a Mosque who showered him with kindness! Van Doorn's response to the latest conversion "I never thought that my former party would become a breeding ground for converts".

Arnoud Van Door welcoming Van Klaveren to Islam on his Facebook account

When Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him was asked by Jibril about his enemies "Allah sent you the angel of the mountains, and if you wish, I would make the mountains collapse and fold onto them." He replied "I pray that from among them or their descendants, there would be those who worship Allah alone and do not associate a partner" Agreed upon أرجو أن يخرج الله من أصلابهم من يعبد الله وحده ولا يشرك به شيئًا«" متفق عليه. "

We ask Allah to guide all humanity to his path. Ameen!


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