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The most holy month of the year has arrived, but are you fully prepared?

We would like to arm you with applicable knowledge that will help you thrive during this blessed month!

Free for a limited time!

Fiqh of Ramadan Ebook

We take you through the Fiqh of Ramadan step-by-step:

  • Ettiquette of the intention of fasting

  • The History of the Obligation of Fasting

  • The Virtue of Fasting and its Benefit

  • The Virtue of Ramadan 

  • The Complete Fiqh of Fasting

  • The Rulings of Zakat–ul-Fitr 

  • and many more.. in just 42 pages!

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Get the book Now!

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Imam Dr. Waleed Hakeem

Known as "The Traveling Imam", Dr. Waleed Hakeem from Canada has journeyed to more than 100+ countries in all 6 continents around the globe spreading the peaceful message of Islam & Personal Development Training. He can draw the world map from memory! He is a professor of Islamic Studies and History, and the founder of Ilm Path Academy.

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"I had many questions about Ramadan and was confused by the rules of fasting, but Alhamdulillah this book gave me both the motivational aspects of fasting as well as the Fiqh. I highly recommend reading!"

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"The verses of the Quran are well explained and the information is very nicely organized. The book is short and to the point, and doesn't confuse you with many difference of opinions. It was well informative"


mustafa salem

"I always wanted to have a better Ramadan and learn everything I need, but I didn't have a time to read hundreds of pages. This book gave me a great summary and now I feel more ready than ever before!"

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"I read this book before every Ramadan for the past 5 years. It helps me remember everything I learned in a short time while enjoying the fine details behind fasting, Zakah, and purifying my intentions. Every Muslim should read this book!

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