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My father's last wish!

The most important man in my life, my father, Imam Dr. Abdulghaffar Hakeem, was diagnosed with lung cancer in the final stage, and subsequently passed away in 12 days. I want him to see this Masjid project fulfilled before the end of Ramadan to make him happy in his grave, as it was his final wish!


My father was a Hafiz of the Quran from the age of 8, a lifelong imam, a graduate of Al-Azhr, an expert in Shafi'i Fiqh, a professor in Education and he raised me to be on the same path and helped me teach Islam around the world in 100+ countries Alhamdulillah. Now is my last chance as his son to do something special for him as he left this world!

Let's build together a house in Jannah for us by helping him have a continuous charity!

How I will use your donation?

Depending on how much we collect, the size of the Masjid would vary. We aim to build a Masjid for 400 people, but if we get more insha'Allah, we will build a bigger Masjid. 

We will collect all funds and then donate it on the 27th night
 of Ramadan, so insha'Allah your reward will be multiplied exponentionally in this holy month!

If you or your own loved ones are leaving this world, would you like someone to build something for them? Do this for him so Allah would make people do the same for you when your time comes. Let us help each other do Khair insha'Allah!

When the son of Adam dies, all their deeds are halted except for 3:

1- A continuous charity  

2- Knowledge that benefits others 

3- A righteous child that prays for them" - Prophet Muhammed  

By contributing to this project, insha'Allah you will receive ALL THREE mentioned in the Hadeeth, as this is a continuous charity, and the knowledge that will be taught in the mosque will benefit others, and the mosque attendees will always pray for the one who helps building it insha'Allah!

Please make my father happy in his grave!

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