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For the first time in English!

Alhamdulillah, after filming 800+ years of Islamic History in Andalus on-location, now we want to bring you the History of the Ottoman Empire, 600+ years filmed on location with the most beautiful background, editing, and story-telling techniques!

By donating to our project, you will be the first to access our 10+ hour online course to learn the most valuable life-lessons from the era of the Sultans: The Rise, the Golden Age, and the lessons from the fall.
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"Imagine a world where you as a Muslim, wherever you live on this planet, are able to reach the top in this life and the hereafter by learning valuable lessons from our Islamic history, have a deep understanding of the Quran and a firm ground in Islamic sciences. That is my life mission, to make you, and every Muslim the most succesful!"

- Dr. Waleed Hakeem (Founder of Ilm Path)

We want to transform Islamic Education to become a Virtual Experience of Traveling to seek knowledge at the comfort of your home, witnessing the beautiful creation of Allah!

How we will use your donation?

1) Sponsoring students of knowledge.

2) Producing new Quran tafseer, Islamic Studies, & Islamic history courses, including research, filming, and writing books.

3) Translating existing courses and learning material into Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese, as there are almost no online courses in those languages.

When the son of Adam dies, all their deeds are halted except for 3:

1- A continuous charity  

2- Knowledge that benefits others 

3- A righteous child that prays for them" - Prophet Muhammed  

By contributing to this project, insha'Allah you will receive ALL THREE mentioned in the Hadeeth, as this is a continuous charity of knowledge that benefits others, and the students will always pray for you insha'Allah!

Help us take our Ummah to the Top Again by offering quality education!


By offering the best Islamic Education combined with the highest quality Life Skills Training, we will create a generation of strong Muslims who are able to be exemplary community members and contribute positively to society, and you will be part of this movement insha'Allah! 

Revive Islamic


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