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Chambers of Manners:   Tafseer Surat Al-Hujurat

From Persia, to the Roman Empire, to Abyssinia,to Yemen, the believers came from all over the world and finally moved into Al-Madinah, forming one big multi-cultural city. But now, what happens when people of so many diverse backgrounds, languages, customs, and expectations live together?

Exactly! You will have many cultural misunderstandings, as they learn to adapt to each others' differences, and this is what Surat Al-Hujurat is all about!

In our hyper-globalized world, Muslims, whether they are minorities in Western countries, or majorities, are now coming together with the best of intentions to work together, then they clash over those differences, exactly like in old Madninah. This Surah, Al-Hujurat, which is nicknamed by scholars as "The Surah of Manners," came to address these problems. Are you ready to join us for an in-depth study, where nearly every verse has a beautiful story of revelation?



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