Islamic Sicily Tour

Summer 2021 (Join Waiting List)

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Palermo - Almadarig - Marsa Ali - Enna - Ragusa - Syracuse - Taormina - Cefalu 

ٍSicily Islamic History Tour

Would you like to time-travel across 470 years to Islamic Sicily to witness the hidden jewels left by Muslims in this stunning European island?

Board a time machine to witness the wonders of the Muslim Aghlabids dynasty, learning the full story in exciting chronological order as events have happened!

  • Palermo

    The timeless capital of Sicily, Balram (as Muslims called it) is bustling with busy Arab-style markets, a well-preserved Muslim fortress, & a huge cathedral with the Quran written on its outer walls. Find out why!

  • Enna

    Not so far from the sea, Enna is 1 of several mountain towns on our travel path which has beautiful cascading houses. Muslims used to live in these elevated towns to gain protection against raids from Italy's mainland armies!

  • Agrigento

    This golden temple is not in Greece! Before the Muslims, & before the Romans, the Greeks left their touch on Sicilian history & culture. Find out how the Muslims used these UNESCO heritage buildings during their rule!

  • Taormina

    Sicily's undisputed most beautiful town, high in the sky, Taormina overlooks an unforgettable panoramic view of hills, beaches, and rocks, with a beautiful Muslim palace at the top that is waiting for you to explore. 

  • Cefalu

    Pronounced Shefalu, which means in Arabic"a healing for him," this time-frozen sea town is indeed a healing for the mind & soul with its golden beaches, spiral hill, & fully preserved water machines built by Muslims!

Sicily's glittering towns will amaze you with a fusion of Islamic & Italian architecture!

Crystal clear warm waters invite you to swim year-round, with exotic shorelines! 

Get lost in beautiful small streets of Sicily & observe the daily life! 

Witness Muslim palaces, fortresses, & Mosques that survived the test of time! 

Our Hotels

All our hotels are 4 stars, have outstanding reviews, and include daily breakfast buffets. They are located in a central location, and often come with a swimming pool and gym.

This is a list of the hotels we commonly use (subject to change to similar hotels).

What does Your Tour Include?

4 Star Hotels

We carefully choose our hotels to have the top facilities & location!

Entrance Fees

All palaces, museums, & attractions are included in our low price!

Daily Breakfast Buffet

Start your day the right way, with a delicious meal & lots of energy!

History Course

You will learn the beautiful story from A to Z, in chronological order!


We take you to all attractions in a highly comfortable VIP bus!

Flights not Included

Which means anyone can join us from any country around the world!

Halal Treats

Sicilian cuisine, which has its origins from Arab & Berber Muslims who brought spices from all over North Africa, and the fusion with Italian food, is one of the tastiest culinary experiences!

Learn the history behind each dish while you enjoy these Halal treats along the tour!

What Are Our Safety Measures?

Daily Sanitization

Our buses are thoroughly sanitized every day to the highest standards.

Masks on Bus

We provide masks to our guests to ensure safety on board.

Social Distancing

During sights exploration, we keep a safe distance between our guests.

Hotel Certificates

Our hotels have been certified by the gov for strict hygiene procedures

Small Group Sizes

To maximize on social distancing, we keep our group size manageable.

Food Hygiene

The breakfast buffet & restaurant food is served by trained staff wearing masks, gloves, & tested.

Guide: Imam Dr. Waleed Hakeem

Known as "The Traveling Imam", Dr. Waleed Hakeem has journeyed to more than 100+ countries in all 6 continents around the globe spreading the peaceful message of Islam & Personal Development Training, from the villages of China, to the arctic North of Canada, to the mountains of Europe, to the jungles of South America, he can draw the world map from memory! He is the founder and director of Ilm Path Academy & a professor at Almaghrib institute.

After teaching the History of Andalus to 4,000 students in a dozen countries, Dr. Waleed has researched Andalusian history hands-on by visiting 30+ cities in Spain & Portugal across 8 years, and recording his findings in a 16 hour online video course. His powerful delivery style, engaging instruction, & depth of knowledge will make this tour an unforgettable life-long transformative experience!

Our travellers sharing their tour emotions

Fatima Altaf

"I never enjoyed history in school, but Sh. Waleed brought the story to life, and I felt as if I was living every moment of it.  What a life-changing experience! Can't wait for more courses!"

Ahmed SAMi

"I expected to only learn something about the past, but Dr. Waleed has combined history with personal development and leadership to make this a very transformative & applicable journey!"

Maryam Jamal

"Never was there any dull moments. I was on my toes from beginning to end! Not only we learned the life stories of great role models, but also the culture, cuisine, and all aspects of the country's daily life!

Abid lateef

"Seeing the lessons of the Quran, Hadith, & Seerah come to life during the learning of the history has made my Eman stronger. Imam Waleed's knowledge & way of connecting events keeps you engaged!"

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Frequently asked Tour Questions

What type of hotels are included in the tour?

All the hotels in the tour are 4 star hotels, such as the Ramada chain, which include a tasty buffet breakfast, conference facilities for our daily classrooms, & modern ammenities such as wireless wifi, etc. The exact names of the hotels will be revealed about 2 months before the tour starts, as it depends on the final number joining and availability.

How many persons in each room? Can I have a single room if travelling alone?

The base price includes sharing a room with a second person. If you would like to have a private single room, you can add 120 pounds to the price.

What time should I arrive or leave?

We have a bus that picks up all tour participants from Malaga airport at 13:00 on the first day of the tour, heading to the city of Cordoba where the tour starts. There will be an agent at arrivals carrying a sign "Andalusian routes" waiting at the time. We will create a whatsapp group for the tour participants so we could communicate quickly and help you insha'Allah. If you arrive a day before, you can enjoy the beautiful sights of Malaga and then meet us before 13:00 at the airport. If you arrive after 13:00, you can go to Malaga train station and take a super fast to Cordoba station (45 minutes by 300km/hour train). Once in Cordoba, you can user uber or a local taxi to go to your hotel. Taxis are honest in Spain, and it takes only 5-8 Euros from the train station to reach your hotel. The hotel name will be announced 1 month before we leave and the information will be sent to you. The first day will be a relaxing day, as people may arrive at different times due to having a later flight. Therefore, feel free to explore the beautiful old streets of Cordoba and absorb the Islamic atmosphere. We will have an introductory meeting at night (we will inform you about the time), but that will be optional too for those who are arriving late. The actual tour will start on the next day, so don't worry about arriving late on the first day of the tour. Your hotel room will be reserved and ready for you any time you arrive insha'Allah.

Do you offer pick up from Palermo airport?

We offer both pick-up and drop-off from Palermo international airport, but only on the begning and end days of the tour (You will need to send us your flight dates and numbers to arrange this). If you arrive or leave on different days, then you may use a local taxi. They are honest and reliable. If you are on a budget, you can use local buses as well (google maps and rome2rio websites will give you bus times).

Can I arrive a few days earlier or remain a few days later?

Yes of course. You can extend your hotel stay on either arrival or departure. Just let us know in the "special requests" field when you make the booking.

How many people are in each bus?

The minimum number to run the tour is 16, and the max is 50. The buses are large enough to provide enough comfortable space for everyone.

Are meals included in the tour cost?

The tour includes a breakfast buffet every day of your stay. Other meals are to be purchased seperaterely as to give our attendants maximum flexibility and variety according to their budgets. Sicily has reasonably priced and tasty food (seafood, Italian, and Halal options).

Do you arrange flight bookings?

To keep the tour cost as low as possible and accomdate all types of travellers, our price only includes land services. If you want to search for flights, we recommend as it is the cheapest flight search engine and the most advanced. TIP: Try to research international flights to Madrid or Barcelona, then separetly another flight from Madrid to Malaga. The total cost might be cheaper than trying to search from your country direct to Malaga!

Can a sister travel alone without a Mahram (Guardian)?

It is permissible for sisters to travel in safe groups insha'Allah, and Alhamdulillah we will have many sisters on our tour group. This is also the opinion that is followed in Saudi Arabia during Hajj times, as women are allowed to travel in Hajj groups.

What time should I book my flight on the final day of the tour?

The final day of the tour is a free-day, therefore, feel free to book your return flights any time on the last day. If you wish to stay longer to enjoy the sights and attractions of Palermo, you may do so.

Do I need a visa to visit Sicily?

If you are from an EU member country, or have a passport from English-speaking countries (US, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, etc), then you don't need a visa to visit Sicily. If you are from other parts of the world, then you may need to apply for a schengen visa from the Italian embassy in your country.

What is the best way to get the local currency?

The best way to get local money is to use the ATM machine and choose the charge in local currency. Your bank charges much lower rates than exchange offices. It is also recommended that you bring some dollars, euros, or UK pounds as emergency money. However, if you would like to exchange the cash you have for the local currency, avoid the airport exchange office, even if they advertise "0% comission", as they will make more than 10% on the unfavourable exchange rate. Instead, exchange from the local foreign currency shops in the city. Observe the difference between the "buy" and "sell" rate, and if the difference is small, it means you have a good rate (1-3% difference of internet rate max). If you travel frequenctly, useful way is to use a multicurrency debit card, such as transferwise, which gives you almost the same real time internet rate close to 0.5% percent. Here is the link to sign up:

What is your refund policy?

The downpayment paid for the tour is non-refundable. However, we would be able to transfer the down payment to another tour for a small administrative fee, as long as we receive the change request a minimum 30 days before the tour.
Once it is 30 days before the tour, the full amount is non-refundable and non-transferable. We may at our discretion be able to give you a full or partial refund if cancelling your group would not affect the minimum number of participants to run the tour, or our logistical costs.

That being said, while we cannot make any guarantees, we will try our best to help you when it is possible, as we understand that emergencies do happen. You may be able to purchase a travel insurance if you expect a disruption to your travel plans.

What clothes should I bring to the tour?

That depends on the season as explained below: Summer: Light cloth, sunscreen, swimsuit, and an umbrella if you would like to block the sun. You may also carry or purchase a hand fan for noon time (although we will try to avoid peak heat times by being in shaded areas, air-conditioned bus, or lunch in an air conditioned restaurant). Winter: Winters are mild (20 to 16 Celsius, or 70 to 60 Fahrenheit). Bring a few layers to adjust to the varrying temperatures throughout the day (shirt, sweater, and light jacket). If you are sensitive to cold, then you may bring a heavy jacket too, although it is most likely not necessary. There are occasioal mild rains, so you may bring an umbrella or a rain jacket with hoodie if you wish.

Spring or Autumn: Not hot and not cold. It is perfect :) The weather is generally warm in those seasons. Light clothes and occasionally light jacket for cloudy nights are recommended.

Do you have any questions?

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